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Interior Design Portfolio

We design and build interiors that are fun to work in.



Work in progress: Ava Office

Preview: Ava Office
Zürich, 2018

385 m2,  April - May 2018. 

Startup Office with 50 - 70 work stations, 7 meeting rooms, bistro seating and coffee kitchen. 

For Ava's fast growing team, we focused on simple and mobile solutions that can be taken to a next office once the team outgrows the current venue. We designed a modular restaurant seating area, which is currently in production and mounted a simple hanging wardrobe as a light and space efficient room divider. 

Ava is a Swiss startup company developing and selling fertility tracking bracelets for women. 

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Wingtra Office

Wingtra Office

 550 m2,  November 2017 to January 2018. 

Startup office with 45 desks, workshops for drone R&D and assembly, focus booths for meetings between 2-4 people, custom built timber furniture serving as seating/ wardrobe/ storage/ room divider, kitchen, dining zone, lounge and meeting rooms.

Wingtra asked us to create an office that would be a real home in a space that was formerly used by a bank´s investment management department. The young team aged between 20 and 30, spends a lot of time at the office, not only working but also spending part of their free time together. They received small individual, height adjustable desks and many quiet corners for collaboration between two to three people in addition to 3 large meeting rooms. The communal area with kitchen, dining tables and lounge serves as focal point for the office and is also used for the weekly meeting where all staff come together. 

Our work: design concept, dry walls, flooring, kitchen, painting and wallpaper, carpentry and upholstering of wardrobe seating, designing acoustic wall panels covered in custom fabric, furnishing, lounge lighting. 

Wingtra is a Swiss startup company developing and selling surveying drones. 

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Urban Farmers Event Venue

Visitor Space and Event Venue for Urban Farmers
Zwicky Fabrik, Zürich Wallisellen, 

235 m2, April to September 2017.
Event venue with mobile tables, mobile brass-clad bar, safari tent lounge, presentation zone and small concept store.

Based on the clients wish for a contemporary and playful yet elegant urban look, we created a lush landscape furnished with original Swedish mid-century pieces. We drove across Sweden to source and pick up the furniture as well as lamps and single-handedly restored chairs, sofas and lamps. We designed and built a mobile, brass covered bar, as well as the elevated safari tent lounge, which even sleeps two. In collaboration with Lukkizzi Berlin, we designed large custom lamp shades now hanging over the tables.

Urban Farmers are a Swiss startup company developing and selling rooftop farms where they successfully grow fish and vegetables in a hydroponic system. 

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Papierfabrik Collaborative Space

Collaborative Space
Biberist, Switzerland, 2017

250 m2 work and event space in a former paper mill.

For HIAG real estate developers we crafted a prototype of an event and work space in a former paper mill. The aim for the space is to be a landing pad for activities during the first phase of development of the many buildings formerly used to produce paper (220'000 m² floor-space in total).

In only 7 days we scouted out the vast campus for remaining furniture and objects, chose the right location for a collaborative space, came up with a design concept, sourced all material and built a functioning space. 

HIAG is an established Swiss real estate development company. 

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Mia Engiadina Coworking Space

Mia Engiadina Coworking Space
Scuol, Switzerland, 

Small co-working space with meeting room and shop. 

Alpine Co-Working crafted the space design concepts and operations for Mia Engiadina's Mountain Hub in Scuol. Together with local architect Chasper Cadonau, local furniture designers Curdin Müller (meeting room table) and Daniel Moll (vintage furniture in café) the space came to life. The large mobile working tables on wheels were designed and built by our friends Robert and Thomas. Let us know in case you'd like one too. 

Mia Engiadina is a movement bringing the benefits of digitalization to the mountains. The Mia Engiadina co-working space in Scuol was the first of his kind in the region.