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Past Retreats

2 years, 11 retreats, 420+ participants.

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Go Venturesome Retreat

Go Venturesome Photography Retreat, Switzerland
1-5 May 2017

Go Venturesome was a workshop retreat for wedding photographers, hosted by Venturesome Collective, a group of successful young wedding photographers. We came on board to find the right venue - this time it was a hotel - and made sure everything would run smoothly on the operational side, so that the organizers were able to fully focus on work with the participants. 

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PhD Retreat March 2017

PhD Retreat Maastricht University, Switzerland
17-19 March 2017

A wonderfully cozy retreat for professors Angela and Helmut Brandt's PhD team that traveled to Switzerland from all over Europe. After many a Skype conversation to co-author papers, the team finally got to meet in person. While they benefitted greatly from updating each other on their research during the day what they most enjoyed was the opportunity to extend discussions over dinner and a good glass of wine. In this retreat we took over the entire hospitality part, which included setting up the venue as a welcoming retreat place full of inspiration and catering to the team with fresh and seasonal "brain food" around the clock - providing the team with an exclusive but relaxed private hotel service.

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SoCraTes Switzerland 2017

Software Craftmanship and Testing Unconference Switzerland
9 - 12 March 2017

We really enjoyed hosting the first Swiss 4 day SoCraTes unconference in March 2017. Following the invitation of lead organizer Patrick Baumgartner from 42talents, developers from Switzerland, Germany, the UK, Finland and France spent 4 days sharing knowledge and best practices or exploring new solutions to challenges they are facing in their work. We were in charge of finding a location providing solid internet connection and spaces to suit the group's work style, shaped and guided the side program and took over part of the hospitality to upgrade the venue from school to cool (un)conference venue.

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February 2017

Winter Co-Working Retreat in Ftan, Switzerland
30 January to 25 February 2017

The second edition of our winter retreat in a boarding school in Ftan, Engadin. The historic building with its diverse and spacious rooms, set on a sunny plateau above a picturesque mountain village, is the perfect place to be productive. 90 participants from diverse companies joined us:  Contovista, LivingDocs, Packagist, Nelmio and Wealthport came with their entire team, Microsoft, Unic and Impact Hub Zürich sent a few lucky ones to work from the mountains and some greatly inspiring individual co-workers such as Martina Melcher, pharmacist and trainer, Heiko Specking from specking + partners and Florian Rittiner, innovation space expert came all by themselves You can tell: We loved it. 

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November 2016

Christmas themed strategy retreat Switzerland
21-23 November 2016

A wonderfully atmospheric strategy retreat & team Christmas party. Swisscom's startup team took two days to retreat and talk strategy before the end-of-year buzz set in. We had the pleasure to help with all the logistics and offer a great venue and Christmas hospitality to them so they could get the best of work and celebrating during their short time out. 


June / July 2016

Summer Retreat in Zweisimmen, Switzerland
25 May to 6 July 2016

This summer we enjoyed beautiful Hamilton Lodge Zweisimmen as our base camp for a series of individual retreats.

50 co-workers from - among others - Contovista, Knip, Electric Feel, Kickstart Accelerator and Climate KIC  joined us to work on products, strategy, team building and even their yoga poses.


January / February 2016

Winter Retreat in Ftan, Switzerland
16 January to 14 February 2016

Our longest mountain experience so far! During 4 weeks we ran a pop-up co-working and co-living space in an alpine sports boarding school.

From startup teams like Contovista and Advertima to grown up companies like Knip and Tutti.ch all the way to Microsoft BizSpark - 180 people from 50+ companies enjoyed focus and creative space, the amazing views, sports facilities and - most importantly - the company of like minded people. 

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August 2015

Summer Retreat in Scuol, Switzerland
2 - 7 August 2015

What a great week! 8 adventurers from fields as diverse as clean tech, food, marketing, software development, design, politics, outdoor coaching, journalism and business development joined our summer retreat under the blue skies of Scuol. 

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What did you work on?

What did you get out of this retreat?

What did you like best?

We kicked-off with an evening stroll through the picturesque village and alpine forest along the local creek, finding a lot of common ground as we walked and talked. Throughout the week hikes and meal times saw many a deep discussion and including some embellished with a light bulb moment.  With exceptionally hot weather of 35°C and more the daily schedule of mindful moments, individual work time, outdoor activities and collaboration was tweaked to suit the temperatures and general mood. The covered terrace got awarded favourite work spot while some even took to the hills for their creative sessions. Who'd have thought we'd continue our discussions on smart strategies at either a mountain lake or the village lido? 

At the end of the week, Debbie has written the best part of her business plan for a food truck venture, Christian has moved a good bit forward with his aviation tracking script, Steffen takes home less ideas than he brought and has a clear plan about those, Kuno knows which strings to pull next in his diverse political engagements and Anke is half way to a new website. Collaboration and sharing continue on our Facebook group as well as in individual calls, meetings and the plans for a next and longer retreat. 

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February 2015

Winter retreat in Schmitten, Switzerland 
2 - 6 February 2015

What would be more obvious than to combine working with skiing!

The very first Alpine Co-Working retreat took us to Schmitten, near Davos. 9 happy skiers enjoyed a multitude of world class ski slopes, endless cross-country tracks, cozy chats by the soap stone oven, great food and good laughs at the dinner table of the atmospheric century old house.

Wondering whether we were working? Yes, we were. Here's what we focussed on: Organizing a medical congress, managing a software development company, building a website for yoga & riding retreats, updating an online shop for local food, developing a marketing strategy for a childrens' game, testing Design Thinking methodology with participants, preparing a crowd-funding campaign for a new bike repair technology, taking some time out before launching a new project.