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Alpine Co-Working
Mountain Hub, Ftan
18 Jan to 14 Feb 2016

Need to focus on your work and get things done? 


Work from a small mountain village,
far away from all distractions.

In January and February we are setting up a mountain hub in sunny Engadine! During 4 weeks we are gathering a diverse crowd of startups, academics and professionals. This is your ideal environment to run a work sprint with your team or to write a paper. Together with our partners we provide a frame and network for you to perform in. Our venue: An olympic standard sports school!

We are proud to be prototyping the miaEngiadina Mountain Hub Innovation Centre in Ftan.



Ftan, Engadin, Switzerland.
2.5 hours from Zurich by train.

We are living and working in a fabulous 300 year old Alpine boarding school, that has recently been refurbished. The institute is set up as an Olympic sports school, which means that we have access to amazing sports facilities in- and outdoors.

Meals take place in the traditional school dining hall (though not exactly like in Harry Potter). We are looking forward to performance friendly food designed by reknown lifestyle chef Edouard Hitzberger!

The school is running as usual and you will meet some of the (currently only few) students on the campus. Say hi!

Too good to miss out?

Want to join us last minute? Lucky you! We still have space for weeks 1, 3 and 4. For week 2 all 72 beds are fully and completely booked!


January & February 2016

Week 1
Mon 18 January - Sun 24 January
Join us last minute!
Week 2
Mon 25 January - Sun 31 January. 
Microsoft BizSpark Snow Up week is fully booked. 
Week 3
Mon 1 February - Sun 7 February
Academic week - book to write your paper!
Week 4
Mon 8 February - Sun 14 February
Creative crowd  - join us for some creative time! 

Shorter / longer stays possible.

How much?

Short stay (3 nights)
CHF 260

Full week (6 nights)
CHF 510

Day pass (with or w/o lunch)
CHF 20 / 35

After first week
CHF 80/ night, CHF 450/ week

All prices are per person.

What is included?

Working Environment

  • An environment in beautiful nature that helps you focus
  • 3 co-working spaces and 1 break-out pavilion.
  • Wifi, coffee and tea.


  • Like minded co-workers to exchange knowledge, share stories and go skiing with.
  • An optional structure for your day.
  • A host making sure you find your way around the place. Also there to cheer you up when things get a bit tough. 

Accommodation & Meals

  •  Accommodation in twin room with single beds, private desk and sink.
  • Half board (full board on request)
  • Access to all indoor sport and leisure facilities.
  • Access to cooking facilities.
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Join us! 

Book now and work from the Alps soon!

Need more info? Talk to Isabelle on hello@alpinecoworking.com or +41 79 623 51 71.

Co-Living &

All prices are per person. 

  • Accommodation in twin room
  • Half board plus access to kitchen facilities
  • Access to work spaces, hosting and all indoor sports facilities.

Read more on the offer here.

Are you working with BizSpark? Check out our offer for week2! 

Single rooms: + CHF 25 per night, pending availability, pay on location. 
Full board: + CHF 12 per night, pay on location.


Cancellation Policy
In the unfortunate case of you being unable to attend the retreat you are welcome to transfer your reservation to a friend. If you are unable to find a replacement the co-working package fee is refunded at 50 % up until 14 days before the booked arrival date. Talk to us! 

Co-Working Package

You live in the area and would like to join us for a day? We'd be happy to welcome you! 


So, who will be there?

Opening Weekend: 16 - 18 January

Erich Züger and all of Balboa Garage's team
Roger Marin

Week 1: 18 - 24 January

David Bruehlmeier and Village Office founding team:
Jenny Schäpper-Uster, Büro Lokal
Kay Lummitsch
Jean Viret
Susanne Mosbacher
Yann Heurtaux
Patrick Scheuerer
Darragh Grealish
Gian Reto à Porta and Contovista team
Luigi Matrone, eBusiness Institute
Isabelle Behrens, Alpine Co-Working

Week 2: 25 - 31 January

Jürg Wenger, UrbanHive
Eliane Suter, suter & partner
Dominik Fehr, suter & partner
Marcel Haas, Collaboration NEXT
Christoph Schnyder, Collaboration NEXT
oman Szabo, Collaboration NEXT
Vladimir Mijatovci, www.millipay.ch
Patrick Brunner, www.millipay.ch
Marcel Wälti, Padis
Matthias Annaheim, DUDEV
Oliver Madjar, DUDEV
Roger Lüchinger, Smartfactory
Stefan Suter, Smartfactory
Christian Puricelli, Mearete
Artem Mitrokhin, Socratos
Maxim Popov, Socratos
Flurin Capaul, Boonea
Andreas Horni, Boonea
Claudio Rathgeb, Rathgeb Solutions
Stephan Köhn, Design & Create
Andrea Kleger, Amasys
Stefan Kaspar, notime

Marcus Kuhn, Viable Labs
Eoin Bara, Viable Labs
Adrian Hara, InfiniSwiss
Mihai Coros, InfiniSwiss
Sandro Wymann, Xappido
Thomas Schöpfer, Xappido
Georg Meyer, Preston Meyer Group
arco Tausel, ib3
Daniel Moos, mandart
Philipp Perach, mandart
Franz Mühlethaler, fm Future Mobility
Patrick Spiess, BIGFOOD Spiess & Co
Remo Thoma, BIGFOOD Spiess & Co
Samuel Müller, WeAct
Christian Kaufmann, WeAct
Marc Speck, Faindu
Sunny Gambhir, Konz
Felix Zumstein, Zoomer Analytics
Eric Reynolds,  Zoomer Analytics
Franklin Villaseñor, WASATO
Krzysztof Gogol, WealthArc
Radomir Mastalerz, WealthArc
Hassan Ghoncheh, Mayaleon

Danilo Becca, Becca Services
Cristian Lucera, Becca Services
Agustin Musi, idezo
Gunilla Zedigh, idezo
Mathia Balsiger, Zeilenwerk
Raphael Reber, Zeilenwerk
Luigi Matrone, eBusiness Institute
Jonathan Crosby, entesia
Roland Stalder, entesia

Vera Biehl, Microsoft BizSpark
Ken Casada, Microsoft BizSpark
Mikhail Chatillon, Microsoft BizSpark
Sascha Corti, Microsoft BizSpark
Stefano Mallè, Microsoft BizSpark
Manuel Michaud, Microsoft BizSpark
Ronnie Saurenmann, Microsoft BizSpark
Beat Schuppli, Microsoft BizSpark

Anna Miller, NZZ am Sonntag
This Hasler, PopupOffice
Louis Rafael Rosenthal, Photography
Isabelle Behrens, Alpine Co-Working
Roger Marin, Alpine Co-Working
Darragh Grealish, Alpine Co-Working

Week 3: 1 - 7 February

Florian Rittiner, SparkLabs
Lukas Stadelmann, Rethink
Leandra Reitmaier, Archäologie
Thomas Reitmaier, Archäologie
Laura Maehlmann, Big Data / Public Health
Louis Rafael Rosenthal, Photography


Katherina Norden, ThreeCoins
Ursula Maria Mayer, Computational Medicine
Sonja Bichsel, Storytelling & Writing
Andrea Walther, grasgrün kommunikation
Susann Schnider, grasgrün kommunikation


Dennis Just, Knip
Roland Temperli, Tuition
Dominic Hofstetter, Climate KIC
Iman Nahvi and Advertima team

Isabelle Behrens, Alpine Co-Working

Week 4: 8 - 14 February

Johanna Muther, Impact Hub Zürich
Michaela Türtscher, Architectural History
Lukas Stadelmann, Rethink
Stefan Matzdorf, Rethink
Stephan Latt, Rethink
Frederike Asael, Frederike Asael Photography
Sonja Bichsel, Storytelling & Writing

Francesco Vass and Tutti.ch team
Katja Thiere, Knip
Marika Woyack, Knip
Nadine Peverelli, Knip
Pierre Spring, nelm.io
Samy Kacem
Jutta Metzler, Bessere Texte


Meet us in Ftan!

Christian Felder, Livingdocs
Gabriel Hase,  Livingdocs
Genc Rashiti, Livingdocs
Marc Bachmann, Livingdocs
Mathieu Pavageau, Livingdocs
Lukas Peyer, Livingdocs

Isabelle Behrens, Alpine Co-Working


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More than work...

Sign up for these events: 

Fondue & Sledging
The essential winter evening activity! 
A one hour winter hike with torches takes us up to Prümaran Prui just above Ftan, which provides the perfect backdrop for Fondue. After dinner sledges and headlamps await us for the descent to Ftan. 

Cost: CHF 40
Sign up here
(latest 3 days before event)

Architectural tour of Ardez
A guided tour to the beautiful neighbouring village of Ardez with a local architect. The village is reknown for a very subtle approach to conserving historic buildings in combination with contemporary elements. 

Cost: CHF 5
Sign up here
(latest 3 days before event)


Twice a week you have to opportunity to take a 60 minute yoga lesson at the beginning of the day.  The class aims to relieve tension in shoulders, neck and lower back while establishing an overall sense of relaxed alertness. 
No previous knowledge is required. 

Cost: CHF 20
Sign up on location
(lastest in the evening before class)

Playtime at the gym - "Affefänge"
Remember that day before the holidays when we were allowed to take all the gear out and play a crazy game of "Affefänge" - "The Monkey Chase". Well, since we do have our very own, fully equipped gym here, what is left to say?

Cost: Free
Sign Up on location

Snowboarding special
Cla Mosca, the world's first snowboarding world champion went to school here in this very building. He now again lives in Scuol and for the keen snowboarders among you he's the man to ask for a special riding experience. 

Cost: free to tbd - depending on what we plan
Let us know if you're interested.



Just show up:

Check-In / Check-Out
We suggest you arrive in Ftan between 11am and 12pm on Monday or Thursday. 
Check-out is until 11am.  

Not exactly and event but good to know: All meals take place at the school canteen.
Breakfast offers a wide choice of Swiss breakfast classics.Lunch (for those who booked it)  offers salad, main course and dessert, Dinner is a main course plus dessert.

Welcome Drinks
Ease into your mountain experience while sipping a hot punch or mulled wine with your fellow co-workers! at our camp fire. 

Who Is Who
At the beginning of every new week we run a Who Is Who, where we aim to surface as many potential connections as possible: What are you working on? What experience can you share? What are you looking for to take your work forward? 


Collaboration Slot
This is your time to ask for feedback, run a brainstorming session or test your latest product on a group of co-workers.

Claim a slot on location.

Tech Talks
During week 2 you have the opportunity to join a variety of 45min Tech Talks hosted by the Microsoft BizSpark team. 

Read more here

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Travel & Packing

... by train

From Zurich you can reach Ftan in 3 hours via Landquart, Klosters, Vereina, Scuol. 

Online timetable: Destination "Ftan Cumün"

From "Ftan Cumün" which is the village square of Ftan follow the signposts uphill for Institut Otalpin / Hochalpines Institut. It's a 10 minute walk up to our venue. 

We recommend to take the the connection arriving in Ftan Cumün at 11.41 am (8.37 am from Zurich, 09.49 am from Landquart, all via Scuol-Tarasp). Lunch is a great time to meet your coworkers. 

Pack your things into a backpack and you will have a much more convenient hike up the hill! Carry-on trolleys have a very hard time on snow, ice and gravel. 

Download & set up Sharoo app, so you can rent our e-car in case you want to explore, shop or go to the spa. 

... by car

Ftan can be reached via Zurich, Landquart and the Vereina car train from Klosters, which transports you comfortably to the Lower Engadine. Head left towards "Martina" upon leaving the train station. 
From Germany and Austria via Innsbruck, Landeck to Scuol/Ftan.

Address for navigation systems:
Hochalpines Institut Ftan, CH-7551 Ftan

Parking: There are only a few parking spaces at the back of our venue and no free spots in the village.

Our location

Hochalpines Institut Ftan, CH-7551 Ftan  


What to pack

Engadin is famous for cold temperatures and a lot of sun. -15 C° are not unusual in winter. Pack clothes you can wear in layers. 

Pack a backpack with... 

Warm winter boots with a good grip are very much recommended - we are above the village, the streets are steep and might be icy.
A warm jacket and - ideally- water proof ski pants, hat, gloves, sun glasses, as well as sun screen are essential too. If you fancy a night time stroll, a headlamp might come in handy.

Any kind of clothes and shoes you like wearing to work, maybe flip flops for the shower, plus indoor sports shoes & clothes in case you would like to use the gyms at the school, swim wear if want to enjoy Bogn Engiadina spa down in Scuol.

Linen & Towels are provided.

Sports Equipment
Pack your skis, snowboard, snowshoes or whatever you plan on using. There is also a sports rental place in Ftan, for those who prefer renting. 




Rentals: Jon Sport Ftan

Skiing & Snowboarding: Muotta Naluns
Cross Country: Tracks Scuol / Ftan
Winter Walk & Sledging: Prümaran Prui



Ardez - architecture tour
on request
Ftan - Schüschaiver on 30 January
Traditional village festival in Ftan

Bakery: Bäckerei Cantieni
(for best walnut tart)

2015-02-04 14.52.25.jpg

A day at Alpine Co-Working

At Alpine Co-Working we are here to help you get things done and enjoy the best of the Alps. Therefore, we offer a daily routine that works well for many of us. 

7 am Yoga (60 minutes)
Take an hour to wake up and gather energy for the day while doing something great for your back and neck. ( Yoga sessions come at CHF 20/person)

7.30 am Breakfast & Intention Setting
Share your goals, plans and needs to make this an awesome work day.

9.30 am Work or Ski Slot
Need help focusing? Your host is happy to share some ideas.
Fresh powder? Take the morning off!

12.20 pm Lunch & Sunshine Time
Eat at the cafeteria or prepare your own lunch in our kitchen.
Great time to exchange on a particular topic with one of your co-workers or tap into their diverse experience.
If you worked all morning it's high time to get a good dose of daylight and fresh air! Take at least a 30 minute walk. You'll be back with a happy back and a clear mind. Walking is equally great for thinking up big stuff, consider this work time!

1.30 pm Back to work
Keep up the good work! There's always a little fruit and plenty of fresh mountain water to keep you energized. 

3 pm Last call for outdoor sports! 
1 more hour of daylight! Had a short lunch? Take a cross-country skiing break now!

4 pm Tea Time
Need an energy boost and a friendly chat? Step outside and take a breath. 

5 pm Work Wrap Up
Whether you've been working all afternoon or had a sports break, take 60 more minutes to finish today's tasks and plan the next day. 

6.15 pm Dinner & Sharing
Time to re-energize and great to connect to your co-workers sharing stories, experiences and laughs. 

7 pm Collaboration Slot
Would you love to get some feedback on your new website? Would you benefit from a collective brainstorming session? Curious to learn about everyone else's life & work hacks? Set up a collab session and invite your co-workers to join.

10 pm Grand Finale
An early night, more work, meditation or just a relaxed hour of reading. Enjoy your favourite late evening routine that sets you up for a good night's sleep and a splendid fresh new day. 

However, you are always free to do what feels best to you.

Whether this means to work late and get up late or to take the day off and go skiing. There's no rule saying you have to follow the schedule or participate in group activities. Just be considerate towards your co-workers and we'll have a great time for sure!




Is this for me?

What is special?

  • A wonderfully scenic and quiet location with great views, a lot of sun and snow for granted (1800 meter above sea level).
  • No distractions, no commute, no every day things to take care of. 
  • Everybody is working! This creates a positive pull that will boost your productivity. 
  • During week 2 we'll have a team of Microsoft Developers on location that is looking forward helping startups to code, set up their cloud solution or advice in any technical question as part of BizSpark.
  • Sports & outdoors breaks:
    Cross-country tracks in front of building, ski slopes 5 minutes walk/ski, walking and snowshoeing starts at back of building. Top-notch gym including a slack line, yoga space, sports hall with climbing hall in school. 
  • There is always somebody to give you a pep talk, feedback or a smile to keep you going. 

Who is it for?

  • Freelance workers
  • Teams who need to concentrate on their projects
  • Employees who can work remotely for a period of time
  • Entrepreneurs with no time to go on vacation
  • PHD students
  • Anybody that want to combine work and play!

How many people?

We can accommodate up to 70 people per week. 

At this moment (beginning of January 2016) week 2 is fully booked, while weeks 1, 3 and 4 still offer a good number of free spots.  

What do people work on?

  • Jana and Lukas are creating content for a workshop series. They discuss and brainstorm on long walks in the snow.
  • Niko and Celia are finalizing their furniture web shop and are preparing the launch. They treat themselves to an afternoon of skiing.
  • Aline is taking her entire team of 25 people to Ftan for an offsite.
  • Manuel is preparing his talk for a conference in March. He uses the school hall to rehearse.
  • Daniel is writing a paper for his PhD and prepares for the Engadine ski marathon. 
  • Thomas is studying for his master exams and is happy about the boxing bag in the gym. 

    These examples show what people have been doing in past retreats and serve as scenarios for this retreat.


Pictures courtesy of Hochalpines Institut Ftan.