Interior Design

We design and build interiors for offices, event spaces and retreat venues.


Co-Working Space / Meeting Rooms / Workshop Space / Office
Retreat Venue / Team Lodge / Seminar Hotel
Co-Living Place / Guest House / B&B

We are happy to share our experience in building and running co-working spaces and retreats.

  • We will come for a visit to experience your venue or geographic location and hear about your ideas. 
  • We develop a concept for your venue or destination.
  • We support you in crafting a business model. 
  • We consult and execute on reliable and cost-effective internet and WLAN solutions.
  • We design the interior of your space, which includes defining uses and finding the right furniture, decoration as well as all the tech and working material needed. 
  • We help building an operations model. 

Collaborative space in Biberist, Switzerland, January 2017

250 m2 work and event space in a former paper mill.

For HIAG real estate developers we crafted a prototype of an event and work space in a former paper mill. The aim for the space is to be a landing pad for activities during the first phase of development of the many buildings (220'000 m² floorspace in total).

In only 7 days we scouted out the vast campus including remaining furniture and objects, decided on the space, came up with a design concept, sourced all material and built a functioning space. 


Co-working space in Engadine, Switzerland, August 2016

Small co-working space with meeting room and shop. 

Alpine Co-Working crafted the concept for the space design and operations for Mia Engiadina's Mountain Hub in Scuol. Together with local architect Chasper Cadonau and local furniture designers Curdin Müller (meeting room table) and Daniel Moll (vintage furniture in café) the space came to life. The large mobile working tables on wheels were designed and built by our friends Robert and Thomas. Let us know in case you'd like one too. 

Mia Engiadina, a movement bringing the future of work to the mountains, now has its first co-working space. You are welcome to work from Scuol, main town in the beautiful lower Engadine valley, any time you like. Read more here