Retreat & Event

We are happy to organize your "away-event". 

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We are your one-stop-shop for

Team Retreats / Off-Sites / Workshops
(Un-)Conferences / Invitational Retreats / Gatherings

Choose where you would like us to take over: 

Idea / concept Let's define your needs in a conversation. In your office or on the phone.
Program / "retreat choreography" Is much easier set up together.
Location Finding and testing the location of your dreams is part of our work.
Hospitality We make sure you can sleep soundly and eat well. 
We're your single point of contact and take care of you during your offsite, so you can focus on your team and the work you came to do. Maybe you even get to relax a bit. 
Working material We bring all the office equipment and stationery you might need.  
Experiences We organize your side program. Whether it's a camp fire or a full day of adventure.
Facilitation and moderation Is something we can help you with - depending on your needs we will reach out to our network of partners.