What is co-working?

Co-working happens when several people, who do not work for the same company or on the same project, work in the same room. The feeling of community, instant access to feedback and experience, sharing of knowledge and resources and a creative work environment are only some of the benefits it offers. Co-working is particularly popular with professionals who would otherwise have no one but their laptop for company, like developers, writers, designers, entrepreneurs and many more. 

Warum gibt es diese Website nur in Englisch?

Weil es einfacher ist und die meisten Leute erreicht. Gerne geben wir aber Auskunft in Deutsch,  am Telefon natürlich auch in Schweizerdeutsch.
Nous parlons français, también hablamos español, till och med svenska, om det behövs. 

Do I need to work on other peoples' projects?

No, you bring your own work and are free to solely focus on that. However, we very much encourage exchanging ideas and information with other participants and helping each other out were possible. All within reasonable limits, of course.

Do you also organise retreats for companies, organisations or networks?

Sure! Just send Isabelle a message and we'll explore what we could do together. 

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, you can. Still, good idea to let us know in advance so we can check back with other participants.

No answer yet?

No worries. Send a message to Isabelle and we'll figure it out.