Leave your everyday work environment and go where your heart takes you. We'll make it work. 

Healthy Food

We serve healthy and delicious food that keeps your body energized and your mind sharp. Our cuisine is vegetarian, sometimes vegan, made with fresh, seasonal ingredients and lots of love.


You are joining a creative environment where experiments are welcomed and encouraged.


Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, creative minds digital nomads, innovators and change-makers. 


There's nowhere like the mountains to get a clear head. The Swiss Alps offer a majestic environment with fascinating views, fragrant air and crystal clear creeks.


Adventure awaits you, if you want it: Skiing or snow shoeing in winter, hiking, river rafting or mountain biking in summer. 

Learning & Sharing

Share your knowledge and learn from others. We'll facilitate sharing and feedback sessions for you. 

Yoga & Meditation

Relax, twist, stretch and strengthen your body and mind. More than a decade of practicing and teaching yoga has convinced us of its benefits for life and work. Your chance to give it a go.


Take a time out to focus on what is most important to you. 
We got the planning and logistics covered.