Yoga, work, swim, eat, sleep.
Let's go to the sea! 


An open co-working retreat in an alpine sports boarding school. Join us as a group or by yourself. We will be on location for one month. Stay as long as you want.

CHF 139 per night, excl. VAT
Full board, twin rooms. See details below.

Discounts for long stays (more than 5 nights) and groups of more than 20 people are available.


Open from 30 January to 25 February 2016.

Feel free to call us on +41 79 623 51 71. 


In Ftan, a quaint and sunny mountain village in Engadin, Switzerland, far away from everything. 

The venue is a sports boarding school (open and running) with great sports facilities, very good food and loads of space.
We can accommodate up to 70 guests per night.

What is included?

A number of shared workspaces
Choose the prefect spot for your tasks: Scenic seminar room (20 work spaces), school hall (up to 50 work spaces), artistic pavilion (4 work spaces), school room (up to 15 work spaces) plus public sofa area and your room that has a desk.  

Working Infrastructure
Reliable WiFi (300 MBit/s down, 300 MBit/s up). flip chart inkl. paper and pens, stationery, white boards with pens, basic moderation material, projector, screen, extension lines and power strips.
Extra options: creativity kit, A4 ink jet print outs.

Side Program & Events
Indoor and winter sports on your doorstep! Cross country skiing, alpine skiing and winter walks are on our doorstep. The school features a high-end gym with additional yoga or free workout space as well as a school gym for ball games incl. a climbing wall.
Tickets for skiing and cross-country skiing are not part of the package. 

Not included, but we're happy help you with:  Fondue and sledging, a spa visit or even an exclusive outdoor BBQ with local game make your stay complete. 

Student twin rooms with desk, shower and toilet facilities on each floor (numerous and very clean). 
Single occupation possible at + 40 CHF per night. 

Food & Beverages
Well prepared and varied food is served 3 times a day at the school cafeteria.  All meals are catering for vegetarians and (on special request) vegans. 

Breakfast: Large buffet
Lunch: Well stocked salad bar, set menu with several individual dishes served from the buffet, dessert
Dinner: Well stocked salad bar OR soup, set menu with several individual dishes served

Water, tea and coffee are included with the meals. Coffee and tea are also available in the the seminar room and (for large groups) the school hall and school room. We'll make sure you'll find something sweet too.

NOTE: Alcohol free venue. We are guests in a school with teenagers and have to comply with the schools no-alcohol policy. Enjoy a beer down in the village! 

Who's there? *

Week 1 - 30/1 to 5/2
The Packagist Conductors Team
Gian Reto à Porta, Contovista
Nicolas Cepeda, Contovista
Fabio Bernasconi, Contovista
Julia Bochanneck, Contovista
Jennifer Duchetta, Contovista
Fabia Bachmann, Contovista
Remo Koch, Contovista
Samuel von Baussnern, Contovista
Cédric Roussel, Contovista
Kevin Smith, Contovista
Rafael Klein, Contovista

Week 2 - 6/2 to 12/2

Dennis Just, Knip
Thomas Reitmaier, Kantonsarchäologie Graubünden
Leandra Reitmaier, Archäologie Universität Zürich
Yves Tscherry, Unic
Florian Süsstrunk, Unic
Marius Bleuer, Unic
Pierre Spring,
Miriam Pretzlaff,
Florian Rittiner, Witzig The Office Company
Stefan Berg, Swisscom
Luigi Buompastore, Swisscom
Kurt Infeld, Swisscom
Franziska Schömbs, Swisscom
Christian Felder, Livingdocs
Vedran Rudelj, Livingdocs
Genc Rashiti, Livingdocs
Mathieu Pavageau, Livingdocs
Marc Bachmann, Livingdocs
Victor Felder, Livingdocs
Gabriel Hase, Livingdocs
Georgi Mitev, Livingdocs
Lukas Peyer, Livingdocs


Week 3 - 13/2 to 19/2

Florian Rittiner, Witzig The Office Company
Martina Melcher
Thomas Kessler, Locatee
Benedikt KöppelLocatee
Alexander Mülli,Locatee
Georg Nebehay, Locatee
Larissa Stalder, Locatee
Felipe LopesLocatee
Thomas Rippel

Week 4 - 20/2 to 25/2

Wealthport Team

* Please note, that guests might only be present for a few days during the week or weeks they are listed in.  
If you'd like to know exactly who you'd meet during your stay, feel free to reach out to us.

What else?

Loads of winter sports!

Jon Sport Ftan

Skiing & Snowboarding
Muotta Naluns is the valley's skiing arena which you can access from Ftan by lift. Once you know your way around you will be able to ski back to our door. The lift station is a 10 minute walk from our venue. 

Cross Country Skiing
Starts right on our doorstep and continues down to the village. A challenging track. More tracks down in the valley.  Tracks Scuol / Ftan

Winter Walking / Hiking
There are very pretty winter trails starting right in front of our venue. Follow the pink signs. 

Ftan has a sledging track. Walk up or take the lift to Prümaran Prui and rent a sledge there. The track ends at the lift station where you return the sledge. A 10 minute walk takes you back up to our venue.


Spa with Sauna: Bogn Engiadina


Places to go

Restaurant Bellavista
Friendly restaurant with sun terrace serving Pizza and local specialties. A great place for having a beer in the evening.

Hotel Paradies
The local 5 star hotel is a very welcoming place that we much recommend for an afternoon tea in the cozy sofas by the fireplace. Fabulous terrace too!

Restaurant Engiadina
Nice traditional restaurant serving local food.